Thursday, May 5, 2011


I definitely think I would use Evernote in my personal life. I just think the biggest hurdle would be figuring out how to set it up and what I actually wanted to save (topics for the notebooks). Once that was decided, though, this would be an extremely useful application to keep me organized.

I also think this would be useful for students, particularly when working on research projects. I actually don't think it would take too long for students to set up their Notebooks; for example, if they are writing a paper that has a three-part thesis, they could simply use each point in a different notebook. The sharing function also would make this useful for group projects.

The one thing that might hold me back is that I don't have a Smartphone, so many of the linking applications wouldn't be as useful for me. In fact, because I would just use this on a desktop, the website pretty much fulfills the same function as Delicious. I just like Evernote better because it's easier to save images.

One issue that I had was with the download. It's difficult for me to just take a screen shot of a website and then save it. However, this problem could be because I have only tried using this on the school computers where it's a little more difficult to download necessary applications.

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  1. Bridget,
    I'm glad you got Evernote to finally download! I'm usually not a fan of having to download applications, but there are few that I think are worthwhile, Evernote included. I agree with your comparison of it to Delicious if you're only using it on your computer. I would love to see it used with students, too! Lots of potential. Thanks for posting!