Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Master Class Thing 2: Prezi

Here is the link to a presentation I created in Prezi: http://prezi.com/josmbvzkf-7r/speech-outlines/. The Prezi is about how to correctly format/outline a speech.

I've never used this program before and found it to be an interesting addition to the presentation software that I currently use. As the kind of person who prefers to just jump right in and get hands-on with a program, I didn't watch any of the basic lesson videos. However, I did follow the step-by-step written instructions to create my Prezi.

I found the program fairly easy to use. One issue I had, however, was figuring out how to change the size of the font. The dial tool - even after working with the program and completing the presentation - seemed difficult.

I could see myself using this with a class; I think the students would have fun with it. However (and this could be because I haven't fully explored the site or looked at other presentations), I feel that most of the presentations I or my students create are better suited to a PowerPoint. Even the Prezi I created was still organized in a linear fashion. So, all in all, I'll probably stick with PowerPoint.

Note: As of this point, I can't find any other Prezi projects from 17 Things participants, but I'll keep checking throughout the year.