Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thing 12

I think Creative Commons is a useful tool for students. Often, they add videos, photos, and music to their projects, and this site provides them with many choices. Additionally, I feel that using these works gives their project more authenticity (as opposed to using generic clip art or pieces that do not have authors).

However, I think the most important aspect related to copyright law is teaching students how/why to cite their sources. With fair use, many works (under certain circumstances) actually can be used in educational assignments. Most students, then, simply need to understand that they can not steal other people's work and that they must give credit where it is due.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Thing 11

I have used GoodReads and LibraryThing before, so I focused this blog on GoodReads. FYI: My user name is Bridget_Wilmot.

As a book lover, I have hundreds of books that I want to read 'someday.' I use GoodReads to keep track of all of the books that I've read before and that I want to read in the future. I appreciate the features that allow me to find places to buy the cheapest version of a book, and the ability to read other people's reviews of the books.

I think this could definitely be used in the classroom. In many English classes, students do an independent reading project, and this website could help them a) choose a book and b) practice writing a book review (instead of the typical book report).

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thing 10

Last year, I did my alternate evaluation project on Ning. I used it with my Debate students as a way for them to discuss/debate issues outside of class. I really liked it because I had complete control over the site. I could preview students' comments and invite people to join. I was amazed at the enthusiasm of the students. The quiet students really seemed to find their voice in the online forums.

Thing 9

I have customized my blog. I added the slideshow from Flickr (although it seems to take a long time to load), as well as a personalized welcome. The third gadget is the list of my followers.